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For Students

If you are looking for a career in PR (Public Relations) Belljar is a one stop solution for your learning and career growth.

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For Institutions

BellJar can provide comprehensive career guidance programs in PR service, which is a high demand specifically in the corporate world.

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On Job Training

BellJar Provides On the Job training and Expert Guidance & Career development support with leading PR service company in India.

We Help You Shine in PR Career

Making your PR Dreams a Living Reality

We at BellJar have been providing personalized and expert career guidance to everyone to be a PR professional. At Belljar, we ensure anyone requiring future PR career guidance is provided with best-in-class knowledge and resources.

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    We are a part of an illustrious company that has been awarded multiple times by renowned institutions for PR Service Excellence.

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    The Leader is the award winning PR professional in the Indian PR segment with 22 years of expertise branding corporates.

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Thorough Learning

BellJar can provide expert PR training support that match your profile and abilities that can strengthen your PR oppurtunities.

Counseling Sessions

BellJar have in-house career experts who can provide in-depth guidance on future PR career prospects backed with live client works.

Ability Assessment

BellJar provide students and PR career professionals a 5-dimensional assessment for the recommendations on PR capabilities.

Growing Industry

Being an industry in itself, PR or Public Relations is one of the growing trends in India amidst this digital age.

Greater Exposure

Decimated via different mediums, PR generally occurs in the form of a news conference, company press release, exclusive interviews with journalists etc.

International Scope

We are experienced to provide expert guidance on courses, procedures, and formalities associated with taking admission to PR career option.

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Freqeuntly Asked Questions

  • This idea came while interacting with lot of students who has done internship with us. I observed that in spite of these students came from Mass Communication background, They have very little understanding or knowledge on what does PR job entails.

    As an expert in this industry, I would like to give to million of students an opportunity through our webinars, workshops on what entails PR, how it has changed in the present context to prepare the students in a PR agency world.

  • PR - To Get You The Exposure!

    Public relations (PR), as we know, are a set of marketing practices that include strategies and techniques around introducing an individual or a brand into the public, especially the media. With a primary aim to disseminate important news or events around a company, PR is the modern-day brand-building effort that influences a positive spin on negative events.

  • Decimated via different mediums, PR generally occurs in the form of a news conference, company press release, exclusive interviews with journalists, social media posting, or other similar venues. Being an industry in itself, PR or Public Relations is one of the growing trends in India amidst this digital age.


What Our Clients Say


Ayushi Gupta

I began working with Ms. Iyer as a fresher and now after almost 2 years, I proudly say that she has shaped me into a woman and a professional. She helped me find direction towards the work I was doing and always provided constructive feedback which helped me learn better. I consider myself fortunate to have had the chance to work with her as she has over 2 decades of experience in guiding and mentoring her colleagues as well as subordinates.

belljar customer

Sowmya Iyer

Sowmya Iyer has been an exceptional mentor to me. Her kindness, willingness to share her own experiences, and wisdom while listening closely, are all qualities that I've learned from. Beyond that, as a mentor, she has always tried to help me become a better version of myself rather than trying to mould me to her perspective.

belljar customer

Sachinmeya Aneesh

My experience with Sowmya Iyer was a great one. She kept me motivated throughout my internship, trained me well and helped me prepare in a better way. I thank her for all the time, effort, patience and constant support given by her. She is one of my best mentors.

Four Simple Steps to

PR Expertise

Step 01

Learn The Process

We have the documented journey of the course from start to end of the training program.

Step 02

Self Learning

Every day activities will provide you the opportunities to research and self learning.

Step 03

Personalized Guidance

The expert with a decade of experience will guide you in each and every step with you.

Step 04

Training & Resources

Our leading PR company Clarity PR wil provide you the opportunity to execute your passion.

Utilize the Best Resources and Assessments to Future-Proof your Career

We come with experience, knowledge and expertise in guiding students and professionals towards better future careers.
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Hone Your Skills and Why IT Matters in The Public Relations Industry

Public relations (PR) is a intricate field that requires a great deal of proficiency and specialized knowledge. PR is a communication strategy that includes all forms of public relations, communication, and engagement used by an individual, companies or organizations to communicate their brand message to their target audience.


PR As A Career

Public Relations or the PR industry has long been touted as one of the most significant parts of the media industry. The industry that bridges the gap between organizations and the public. An 88 billion U.S. dollars market in 2020, the PR industry is an ocean of opportunities and growth.


Skills Required For PR Industry

A public relations (PR) professional's function has grown beyond basic information dissemination to relationship building, communication strategy, crisis management, and media management. When the epidemic hit the world in March 2020, its effects were felt far and wide, even in the PR sector.

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