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At Bell Jar, we have always focused on providing guidance & direction to its students. We have recently started PR Training as a separate business unit. This was born as the founder has more than 22 years of experience working in various PR agencies, Corporate communication and building a PR agency called ‘Clarity Communication’.

  • The Fact

    While interacting with a lot of students from Mass Communication background, They have very little understanding or knowledge on what PR job entails.

  • The Market

    Public Relations (PR) has come up as one of the emerging industries with the PR market forecasts to be a $130.5 billion industry by 2025.

  • The Solution

    As an expert in this industry, I would like to give students an opportunity through our webinars and workshops on what PR entails to prepare the students in a PR agency world.

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Public relations (PR), as we know, are a set of marketing practices that include strategies and techniques around introducing an individual or a brand into the public, especially the media. With a primary aim to disseminate important news or events around a company, PR is the modern-day brand-building effort that influences a positive spin on negative events.

To coin it in simpler terms, it can be referred to as news "spinning," with a primary goal to present the company, person, or brand in the best light possible. Being an industry in itself, PR or Public Relations is one of the growing trends in India amidst this digital age. Decimated via different mediums, PR generally occurs in the form of

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Moving to an in-depth inlay of the global opportunities, the global stats present

The Social Media Management Market will be growing to its highest expected CAGR at 14.1% during the forecast period. To add to it, several factors, along with the released data and gathered analytics will help simplify operations.

The market around content marketing is expected to grow to its highest CAGR of 18.4% amidst the forecast period. The content marketing industry will also witness an improvement in the customers as enterprises are now more focused on improving their customer experience, besides, making data-driven decisions via strategize content marketing.

In terms of increased market size, North America has dominated the PR market with its 33.57% stake. The adoption of the advancement in technology and internet, have boosted the region’s stronghold in the industry. PR market is crowded by tech giants like Google Inc., Meltwater Inc.,, Business Wire Inc., and Cision AB. Besides the other prominent industry players that include Onalytica, Prezly, Iris PR Software, AirPR Software, ISentia, Narrative Science, iPR Software, Outbrain Inc. and Rocket Fuel, among others.


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