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BellJar, the PR career counseling company is founded by Ms. Soumya Iyer, who comes with more than 20+ years of experience in working in the PR & corporate world in various capacities and founder of Clarity PR, one of the leading PR agency in India. Even while working in leadership roles in the corporate world, she realized her innate capacity to help out people who seem to have lost their sense of direction both professionally and in their private life.

Having gained this understanding that she enjoys helping people, she completed her certification as a career coach, which paved the way for the establishing of BellJar - a full-fledged PR career training and planning company under the aegis of Mindler. Apart from being the founder of BellJar, she also is at the helm of New Age PR – a communication advisory firm.

Ms. Soumya is academically trained in Political Science from Delhi University and was closely associated with the social sector in the initial years of her career.

Ms. Sowmya Iyer

Managing Director

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We are equipped with the best in-house experts, knowledge, and resources to make your PR career journey as smooth as possible.

BellJar Offers Personalized Expert Guidance In PR & Interactive Online Resources.

We offer students, institutions, and PR aspirants accurate and precise PR career guidance with the help of seasoned PR experts, who provide the best recommendations and course of action when it comes to choosing PR career. Our company combines personal guidance with extensive research, unique assessments, and practical experience in PR with the Pr Company, Clarity PR resources for eager students and working professionals.

We are BellJar – a PR career counseling company functioning associated with Clarity PR, which is quite renowned in the industry for providing the best PR services . We offer PR career support & training for students, institutions, and working professionals. We carry out our services in direct association with our parent company Clarity PR. Our company utilizes resources, assessments, and inputs from Clarity PR for providing the best practical experience our trainees.

Our leader is having two decades of entrepreneur experience and mentoring expertise in PR industry. With her support and mentorship individuals have achieved their real passion.In BellJar We help students & professionals to become their own PR career architect. We help students make informed on PR career choices and chalk out their future.


Effective Steps for PR Career Selection & Planning

career guidance

Discovering and nurturing your perfect PR abilities. You cannot get easier than our unique, scientific approach to PR career guidance.

Advanced Assessment

Getting a detailed understanding of the aspirant to get a best-fit PR career or PR stream recommendations, with personalised development plans to help you improve.

Interactive Activities

Evaluate and ascertain your suitability for PR segments/careers with interactive activities finding your passion by matching specific insights.

Expert Guidance

Plan your PR career, companies, media and countries. Our PR support will help you make the right choice through all-round support for all your queries.

Support & Resources

Using the exhaustive PR programs and opportunity from ClarityPR, can help you to reach your chosen career or stream and plan ahead.

Some of our Expertise

belljar expertise

With increasingly myriad career options rising, PR career counselling has become an essential part of people's life. We provide deep support to find your passion.

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